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"Hey, you!"

I turned around to face a young looking teen with abnormally snow white hair and sharp, bright pools of blue for his eyes. He wore a blue hoodie with speckles of frost spattered on it, brown leather slacks that were bound with twine starting from under the knee, and was barefoot. In his right hand, he held a stick that was almost taller than he was. I think that he's crazy to be shoeless in the winter with only a jacket and thin pants.

"Hey, you lost?" asked the boy, impatiently.

"Duh," I said. "If I wasn't, then why would I be stupidly walking around in circles trying to regain my sense of direction? Otherwise I wouldn't be here; I'd be lounging in my warm, cozy cottage." I shivered. Being lost in some unknown forest is one of the worst things I've ever done, period. Oh, well, at least I'm not alone. I got this guy over here to help me.

'She can see me?' His eyes widened for a second before shaking it off. "I just asked a question, no need to start ranting," he replied plainly. "Where did you come from, anyway?"

"Well, I live in a lovely, little, yellow cottage, mind you. It's near a river and has a little apple tree growing right beside it." I started fiddling with the hem of my coat. "And since I got lost over here, stressing out made me forget which direction my house is at."

"Oh, that old house?" He pointed over to the left of me. "It's over there."

As I turned to leave, I ask him, "What's your name? Mine's is ___."

"I'm Jack Frost. You know, that Norse Demi-god that controls the Winter weather. ...But you probably don't know me anyway."

I stared at him, mouth open. "I do know who Jack Frost is but, what!?" I exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

Jack took my hand. "I am! But first I'm gonna take you home," he said to me. "You gotta hold on tight. Don't want some dead person lying around in the forest."

I pout and wrap my arms securely around his slender frame. I shudder, feeling the coldness of his skin seep through his hoodie and onto me. After a minute of awkward silence, I told him to go on. And what happened next was a blur.

Jack started running about faster than a jet! Then he jumped and started flying over the tree tops! I could feel the wind blowing in my face as we soared through the winter sky. As we flew past birds and through fluffy, white clouds, I noticed that he was heading straight to my lonely, little cottage. Jack then flew lower and lower until he reached the door of my home, where he landed with ease.

"Well, here we are, goodbye!" Jack said hastily. As he began to leave, I grabbed his arm, ignoring the cold sensation that crawled onto my skin.

"Wait," I say. "If you're Jack Frost, then show me that you can freeze stuff. I'm not sure if you are actually Jack Frost."

Jack tapped his feet, giving me an impatient look. "Well? What do want me to freeze?"

I pointed at a deep hole of water that appeared the size of those children's inflatable pools. "That used to be my koi fish pond before they died. You can freeze that."

"Okay." Jack took his stick and touched the water with one end, then waved it around the surface. He took his stick out and said, "I only freeze the top of lakes and ponds, so since this is small this wouldn't take so much work. Lakes and ponds take so much frost to ice over."

I gasped in surprise. The water's surface looked like a place where rats and mice would ice skate, since the pool was small.  Oh, well. 

"I gotta go now," said Jack and he sped away into the forest never to be seen again until next Winter.

Ever since I met him, I'd look out the window at the forest. I wonder if we'd meet again. I have so many questions he has to answer. Like, "Why can't people see you?", or "Were you born that way?"

But then again, he was Jack Frost. Winter. And that was coming up sooner or later.
And here's a Jack Frost X Reader for all you desperate fangirls. XD

This is on Quotev, also. So don't fret, my pretties!

(I fail at romance stories)
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